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Estate Planning

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Getting Started

Your peace of mind is closer than you think! Just follow these easy steps allow us to create your estate plan:

Step 1:

Obtain your Confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire. You may request your questionnaire by:

Step 2:

Complete the questionnaire by providing as much information as you can. The initial consultation is more beneficial if the questionnaire is complete.

Step 3:

Contact us to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your particular estate planning needs and goals. After our initial meeting, we will prepare drafts of your estate planning documents based upon the information provided. The draft documents will be mailed to you for your review.

Step 4:

After all revisions have been made, if any, we will meet again to sign the final version of your estate planning documents.

[   Introduction   |   Wills & Trusts   |   Estate Planning Terms   |   Getting Started   ]

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